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Meet the Author | Barbara Seelig-Brown
barbara seelig

Barbara Seelig-Brown is the host of the TV cooking show, Stress Free Cooking. Her concept as a culinary educator is to relax and have a good time, and she shows viewers and readers how to make cooking at home a breeze. She asks, "Which is more relaxing, standing in a take-out line waiting for bland food or standing over a warm stove in your slippers, sipping on a glass of wine?" Barbara has published extensively both as a cookbook author and as a food and wine columnist. Her recipes, tips, and tricks have appeared in New Jersey’s Star Ledger Savor, The Record Food, Garden State Woman, and New Jersey Countryside. She is a also contributing writer for Garden Plate Magazine and Cooking Light magazine. She has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows, including Fox 5's Good Day NY, New Jersey News12's Morning Edition and WHYY’s A Chef’s Table.

The Stress Free Diabetes Kitchend The Stress Free Diabetes Kitchen

Barbara Says:  "Put on your bunny slippers, pour a glass of wine and join me in cooking a great meal." This is my Stress Free philosophy. Cooking should be fun and rewarding. Enjoying a great meal at home is much easier than waiting in a take-out line and puts you more in control of what goes into your body. With this book, you have a pantry list and lot's of great tips and tricks making it easy to cook any recipe from the book. Spend more time cooking and less time running to the store. I hope you will love cooking as much as I do!

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Diabetes Seafood Cookbook Diabetes Seafood Cookbook

Barbara Says:  Seafood is quick, easy, healthy and delicious but I often see people in the seafood department who are uncertain of how to cook it. The recipes in my book are designed for those love seafood as well as those who might not. I developed colorful, flavorful recipes for the entire family to enjoy so that no one person is singled at the table. Join us on our tour of the sea!

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The Healthy Home Cookbook The Healthy Home Cookbook

Barbara Says:  Designed around the notion that everyone should enjoy hearty family favorites and adventurous party bites, this cookbook features recipes that are flavorful and satisfying, yet healthy. Now anyone looking to entertain guests can prepare a guilt-free spread with dishes that everyone can enjoy.

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Also offered as an ePub

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