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SET: Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook & Salad Shaker Kit

Now: $25.95 Original Price: $30.90

Carb counting has never been simpler—or more delicious! This set includes best-selling author Nancy Hughes’ latest book, Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook, along with our Salad Shaker to keep your food fresh on the go.


This bundle was designed to make carb counting and meal planning easier than ever! Best-selling author Nancy Hughes’ latest book, Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook, combines a cookbook, meal planner, and carb counter into one seamless system for people with diabetes. This book is jam-packed with 150 carb-controlled recipes specifically designed to provide 15 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Cook's tips, helpful shortcuts, and a weeklong meal plan will make you feel at ease—and informed—in the kitchen.

To keep your food fresh on the go, we’ve also included the Salad Shaker. This 4-piece set is dishwasher safe and includes a salad compartment that holds up to four cups, a built-in dressing dispenser, and a fork that slides into the lid for convenient storage. The dressing dispenser holds up to four tablespoons of dressing, so you can twist and shake once you're ready to eat, keeping your food fresh and delicious.

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