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1,000 Years of Diabetes Wisdom

David G. Marrero, PhD; Robert Anderson, EdD; Martha M. Funnell, MS, RN, CDE; Melinda D. Maryniuk, MEd, RD, CDE

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The other side of treating diabetes—what health care providers can learn from patients.


“This book takes an entirely novel approach that will be of deep interest to the readership-both patients and the clinicians who care for them.”
—David G. Armstrong. DPM, PhD, MSc

Finally, a book that talks about what patients want from their diabetes educator, not what we want for the diabetic patient. A must-read for all health care professionals and for many patients interested in communication with their diabetes educator.
—David S. Schade, MD

An anthology of more than 50 stories about the other side of treating diabetes—what health care providers can learn from patients. With more than 1,000 combined years of working with patients, the contributors share their knowledge and the life-altering experiences that both challenge and change the way health care professionals provide care to their patients. This inspirational work proves that knowledge can be learned from books, but wisdom can only be gained through years of experience.

©2008 American Diabetes Association
Softcover, 6 x 9, 120 pages

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